Lights in winter

Singapore 24th June 2011

To end the week a little story about Melbourne’s Lights in Winter an annual event organised in June and July for Federartion Square. Similar to events like Vivid Sydney earlier last month and I-Light Singapore late last year. Melbourne lights up from 2nd June to 3rd July in what is seen as warm light in a cold winter and coincides with the winter solstice celebration (shortest day in the southern hemisphere). While last years theme
was the sun, this years theme is fire.

It seems these festivals of light are becoming more and more popular as a tourist attraction and nearly a must have nowadays for any self respecting major city. Having said that there is also a growing scope for small towns to use lighting events to boost their international reputation as proven by events such as in Alingsas, Sweden and Goa, India.

More and more people start celebrating light as a medium of expression, not only as a medium of construction. Art versus engineered. My main day to day work is the architectural part of lighting where lighting is a functional and emotional building block in the creation of a living, working or social space. These events bring out the creative and imaginative side in people, allowing to sit, wonder and dream. We all need escapes from reality at times and wandering around at night enjoying some magical effects just tickles our imagination and allows us to step out from our busy and sometimes stressful lives for a little moment.

I participated as an artist in the I-Light Marina Bay in Singapore and truly enjoyed that side step. I learned a lot from that experience as I am sure others did as well. But we should not forget that at the core of all this these events should promote sustainability, support local manufacture and produce and most of all promote the benefits of good (lighting) design to the public in general. The educational aspect of these event should always be one of the underlying drivers. In the end we all want to achieve a better and sustaibable world to live in! If any of my readers has or is going to visit the event please feedback your thoughts and experiences!

In Light Watch today pictures of the Light in Winter event as downloaded from their website , have a look for more information about the event.

Light Watch 117: Lights in Winter Melbourne

24. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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