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Singapore 7th June 2011

When I recently attended the Hospitality Architecture and Design conference (HAD) I came to know about an organisation called Earth Check. I probably should have known about this company long ago but I didn’t. Their website states that EC is a web-based solution that provides tools to track and measure resource usage and waste output, enhance design and operational efficiencies and encourage corporate and social responsibility. I found out that my client (IHG) has been using them already for quite a while.

I am particularly interested for two reasons. First they apparently involve in predesign testing of models and concepts to assess the feasibility and potential success rate of the proposed design. This is helpful as it can help steer the sustainability of the design in the right direction. Secondly they provide “after sales” support by monitoring the company’s peformance on a monthly basis benchmarking the monthly results and signalling any positive or negative change. Basically keeping the finger on the pulse in regards to the benchmarked performance indicators.

While we are probably well equiped to develop the lighting concepts towards maximum sustainability, energy saving and profitability, it is specifically the monitoring of the performance after commissioning that interest me. Most of the time once we have commissioned a project we move on to the next project and rarely involve in after sales service. But with sustainability and environematlly responsible lighting solutions high on the agenda of many clients we should be involved in the actual operations part of the project so we can first hand experience how well (or not!) our design actually performs. The proof is in the pudding right? We are master (lighting) chefs at work but if we never taste our master pieces how can we improve our skills? I am now engaging with our client to get involved in this part as well as I want to know how well our design stands up against the performance indicators that benckh mark the project as green and sustainable, not just at commissioning but in the long run as well!

In Light Watch today the link to Earth Check’s website for more information: One of the hotels in Bali that has been receiving EC certification for good sustainable practices for years is the Alila Villas Uluwatu, which I feature here as reference. I should go and visit!

Light Watch 105: Alila Villa’s Uluwatu, Bali

07. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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