Due dilligence

Singapore 6th June 2011

How far do you carry out due diligence? I was confronted with this soul searching question when I finally found out today that the company that was awarded the contract for the bedroom dimming system in one of our hotel projects had no previous experience in dimming LED lighting. I have to clarify that when we came on board the dimmer supplier was already brought on board by the owner, so working with them was sort of a given. It has happen before in other projects where the owner has certain preferences in regards to suppliers and manufacturers they wish to work with. As the brand is well known and established in the lighting control business I did not query there appointment, even though I personally had no previous experience working with them or their products.

I was told that the company was briefed about the hotel standards and the fact that we would have LED lighting in the rooms. So to make a long story short we did go ahead assuming the company with international repute would be competent in dealing with LED even though LED being a relatively new technology. At one point of time they did flag that they suspected their dimming system may have problems dimming LED, so we instructed the lamp manufacturer (Philips) to provide them with the same lamps as we had specified in the project to do some testing. When we received the test results we learned that they had successfully dimmed most lamp types except one which we subsequently took out of their dimming control system, so all good we thought.

But as the sting proved to  be in the tail and now that everything is installed the LED pendant hums, some LED lamps flicker and the dimmer response time is very slow. All this came out in the last few days of commissioning. Though we have meanwhile found the solutions to rectify the problems, we have obviously been a guinnae pig for this company and taught them along the way how to do the dimming properly. But at the heart of this all remains the burning question whether I should have applied more due diligence to avoid our frustration at this late stage even if it had meant recommending against the owners wish. The morale… never assume anything! But I knew that of course.      

In Light Watch today the famous 101 Tower in Taipei. I have had the honour to work with the architect CY Lee in the past and met with his team over the weekend when they stopped over for a study trip in Singapore…..

Light Watch 104: Taipei 101

06. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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