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Perth 14thJune 2011

I would like to elaborate a bit more on yesterdays’ topic of doing a paid conceptual design as a way of “getting to know each other” rather than providing speculative design in the hope of being selected. I think that preselecting potential candidates based on past merits and a proven track record is the first right step. Subsequently following up to pay the short listed consultants of your choice to develop a preliminary concept as a way to test the relationship and each other’s character to see if it works, is something which we see rarely but which I think is a great initiative as part of due diligence and developing a durable relationship. On top of that when subsequently one consultant is selected for the project, the “rejected” ones do not feel used and most of all respected for their efforts. At least I do. I have had a few of these projects and when I did not get the job still felt good…relationships are personal.

We have now started to engage with the client to develop this concept and most of all develop the relationship. There are several elements that we need to show the client such as communication, quality of the deliverables and commitment to time schedules. But these are mostly quantitative and measurable performances. More importantly it will be to show our expertise and experience in developing a unique content for our lighting concept. We would have to show creativity and substance through the concept story, the translation into lighting effects and finally (true to our vision of what today’s lighting is about) expose the sustainability of our design. I believe these components will show our client how well we are able to assimilate the development into a good lighting design concept.

In Light Watch today more of beautiful Western Australia. We do not have a Stonehenge like England, but we have an extraordinary piece of nature called The Pinnacles. Specifically at sunrise or sunset the light and shadow patterns are quite amazing. Not much more than a piece of desert with some pointy rocks mixed with the occasional kangoroo…but beautiful. About 1-2 hours drive north of Perth.

Light Watch 110: The Pinnacles, Western Australia


14. June 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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