Singapore 9th May 2011

Variations seem to be a good theme to blog about today. Not only are we looking at some “variations” in the Singapore electoral landscape after the opposition won a remarkable (for Singapore standards!) 6 seats in Parliament, today I spent some time on site of one of our projects talking to the contractors in regards to variation claims. The difficult thing for every project is to log in a budget, come what may…No matter how much time we spent in ironing out all the details and coordinating with all parties involved, somehow there is always something slipping under the radar.

In this project we went to great length to make sure we had a grip on the budget costs and any subsequent variations. Recently all changes and variations were approved and signed off. Last Friday however when walking the site with the contractor we discovered that not all changes had filtered through! The electrical contractor has everything covered through the coordinated ceiling plan, our lighting layouts, control schedules and fitting specifications. The ID contractor has everything covered through the same coordinated ceiling plans, the ID layouts, ID details and specification schedules. So how come a detail can still slip through the net?

The origin of this seems to be that the lighting detail involving change in the interior design came from us. We suggested a new lighting effect when we came into this project, it was welcomed by the interior designer but not captured as a change in their drawings, even though we produced a schematic detail for the installation. So their drawings went out for tender without our lighting detail (in this case a cove), our drawings went out with the detail, with all light fittings procured, all electrical cabling laid to location accordingly…but no cove. We will now have to be creative in finding a solution.

Who is to blame? I guess we all are …It’s a long story…

In Light Watch today a picture I just took earlier at sunset of a work site. The colour of the sky at sunset silhouetting the cranes hovering over the site. Contractors have a knack of playing the variation game, I guess the only constant in life is the sun…it comes up in the morning and sets in the evening 🙂

Light Watch 86: Sunset at work

09. May 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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