Singapore 3rd May 2011

After another long weekend (1st May holidays) it’s back to work again. Time is flying, one third of the year gone already! But today is a special day though…my birthday! Another year wiser 🙂 …when I switched on my computer this morning there were heaps of birthday wishes flashing on my skype messenger screen. Thanks to all you good-wishers! That is the other side of skype…it let every-one of your contacts know it’s your birthday! Had a nice birthday lunch with my team, treated the team at our weekly consultants/contractors meeting for one of our Singapore projects to some cake and finished the day with a lovely dinner with my Alex.

Sometimes you wonder about timing. The announcement yesterday of the killing of Osama Bin Laden (after hunting him down for 10 years!) seems very well timed. Mayday rallies traditionally are fuelling unhappy workers to protest, so the killing and subsequent announcement, which resulted in many celebrations, seemed really well timed! Someone held up a sign saying Obama 1: Osama 0…

Timing in the lighting business is not so obvious. We have our project time schedules and if anything it would be the timing of site works in relation to known seasonal weather (winter/ rain/ monsoon) or product deliveries in relation to typical holidays (Christmas, Chinese New year) when you know things are unpredictable or slow. Factories typically close down during the European summer and workers migrate home during the main holidays.

Timing can also relate very much to the economic climate. When the outlook is rosy, economy is doing well and developers have “cash in the bank” the timing for projects seems much better and easier. Specifications are easier to hold as budgets are under less strain. I generalise here, but you know what I mean.

In the end the only thing I can’t really time is my birthday! It’s there ever year come rain or shine 🙂

Talking about time, in Light Watch today let’s look at some of the great time clocks around the world. England has probably two of the most famous time clocks in the world, the Big Ben in London and the famous sundial in Stonehenge. Both man-made but one driven by the power of electricity, the other by the sun, very much representing today’s challenge in lighting!

Light Watch 82: Big Ben – Stonehenge

03. May 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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