The art of lighting (artwork)

Singapore 27th May 2011

Most of our projects whether in a hospitality, residential or commercial/corporate environment have some form of art work displayed in the public areas, from simple 2 dimensional paintings to daring 3 dimensional art pieces. For us lighting designers we need to anticipate at an early stage as most of the time artwork only comes in at the last moment or is only conceptual on paper with the actual and final commissioned artwork only known when it is brought in for installation…an artist is an artist, isn’t it? Don’t ask them to give you detailed shop drawings! 

How do we deal with it in the planning stages? If we are lucky the lead design consultant has some sort of overall concept with specific images in regards to the artwork, theme and proposed implementation plan, but most of the time we have a blank canvas with maybe some rudimentary indications of an artwork location, but no specific details in regards to type, size and look of the art work.

A good designer anticipates, he knows from experience what is likely to happen (budget cuts!) and plans his lighting in the knowledge that sooner or later some “blank” walls or “dead” spaces will be used for artwork. Architectural spaces need points of interests within the field of view and having no visual points of arrest will create a very boring and dull environment. We anticipate by creating brightness at eye level on walls, on objects, displays, features, with table lamps, pendants and so on. We paint the space with light in the knowledge that in some locations we will have an artwork that will create visual interest but if not at least our lights, wall washing and other effects will create some magic.

I have learned the hard way but now know what to expect. Again today I found out that I had done so correctly…thank god for lighting! It feels good when your gut feel indeed came through and you find yourself vindicated for your decisions 🙂

In Light Watch today I would like to share a special form of light art that I found recently while surfing the net…light graffiti. An artist by the name of Michael Bosanko creates these incredible images through his time based photography simply and only by using a few torches. Have a look…

Light Watch 98: Light Art by Michael Bosanko

27. May 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hello, I like your article about light. I have been making artwork with lighting lately and thought you would like to see it.
    Cheers Andrew

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