Teach the teacher

Singapore 4th May 2011

One of the great challenges of any company (boss) is to teach its incoming staff the finer details of work…the way things are done in the company. To me, my staff is my greatest asset as without them I am not much. Yes I have my knowledge and experience but in order to grow and deliver on my client demands and expectations I need a smoothly running company that not just depends on me but is capable of moving ahead professionally and with quality whether I am around or not. Ideally we build a company to make one-self obsolete, right? So looking after my staff has always been one of my prime concerns. Unfortunately I know that this is not always the case in many companies in Asia with company owners and executives looking after their own interests first and staff well-being last. Somehow they don’t seem to mind high staff turnover as a result. I have been blessed with very loyal staff who have been with me for years for which I am very grateful. They know how I work, they know my style, they know my demands and expectations. I don’t need to teach them, they know. But the growth process is never ending, we learn every day. I make it a habit to reflect on the day passed and ask myself: “what did I learn today”? You will be surprised…   

When I get new staff my aim is to teach them to become teachers themselves eventually. Someone ever coined the phrase “teach the teachers” and that is exactly what it is about. You reap what you sow, isn’t it? However training new staff is not always easy as we have our day to day work demanding our attention all the time. Hence I like to engage new staff in projects and on the ground straight away. We learn from the realities of (project) life. As we go along whenever I can I will spent time and share my experience and knowledge, my dooor is always open. Welcome to our team Matt.

In Light Watch today places where learning and lighting meet in harmony…museums. They generally are great places to learn and great lighting is needed to appreciate what is on display to learn. In a previous Light Watch I highlighted the new Louvre Museum designed by Jean Nouvel in Abu Dhabi. Today the original Louvre Museum in Paris!  

Light Watch 83: The Louvre Paris, France

04. May 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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