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Shanghai 18th May 2011

I know it was quiet from my side the last few days…due to some public holidays in the region. Yesterday was Vesak Day and we collectively decided to close the office Monday to have a nice long weekend. Meanwhile I have travelled to China where I have not been for quite a while, since I started with KLD. Nice to be back…Over the last few days I read that they found the black box of the fatal Air France flight that crashed in the Ocean about 2 years ago and where now analysing the data that could explain why the plane crashed.

This made me thinking ( I may have even blogged about it before) that with computer and chip technology so advanced these days that we could probably develop a “black box” for our light fittings. How difficult could it be to develop a little computer chip that records the usage of each light fitting? I know we can track a lot when lights are connected to a control system and computer, but I am just thinking, why not a little chip in each light that can tell us (and the manufacturer obviously) why the light finally failed. It could keep track on burning hours, switch and control patterns, voltage variations, surges, light output variations, lamp replacements and so on. I am not sure how well we already can track this, but it seems something that could be highly interesting and educating to improve the quality of lights and pinpoint behaviours and other matters that could precipitate failure. Something to watch out for, I am pretty sure something like this is or will be available soon.

In Light Watch today Shanghai’s famous Bund, the old historic waterfront walk along the Hang Pu River. A stroll at night is a must just to take in the sights and sounds of Shanghai. Many buildings date back from the old days, a stark contrast to the modern skyline of Pudong with its many skyscrapers. The Peace Hotel is one of the historic buildings recently refurbished and now operating under the Fairmont brand. Its green pointed roof is a well known landmark feature.

Light Watch 91: The Bund and Peace Hotel

18. May 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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