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Singapore, 8th April 2011

Doing fee proposals as I have mentioned on several occasions before is our life blood. As long as we keep doing fee proposals we are in the game. So I should be in a good mood as I have just completed my fourth proposal of the week!  But I am a bit frustrated at the same time. One of my clients is negotiating my fees down to an extend where I have to say enough is enough. Now that I have put my personal name on the line with my new company Klaasen Lighting Design, more than ever I have to make sure I can deliver the goods within the scope and fees agreed. Engaging KLD at this stage means engaging me as a person, engaging my personal involvement and commitment to bring the project to a satisfactory end. Those clients working with me now, know what I mean with personal commitment.

It again comes down to the value of our services as perceived by our potential client. In many countries lighting design is still regarded as a service that is provided by engineers, suppliers often free of charge. With the lighting end results on top often mediocre it can be understood that appreciating the added value of “lighting design services” may not always exist.

In accepting a “lower” fee than you would reasonably do a few issues can play a role; the importance of the project reference for the future (spin off projects) and the potential repeat business with the same client. Doing a good job is imperative in any of the cases. Either you do it well or don’t do it. There is no winning in doing a job half way. Part of the process is educating the client, a constant factor in our work as far as I am concerned. This means sharing and communicating the process of lighting design.

I now need to make up my mind whether staying put with my fees or talking a little dip for the potential greater good…I will sleep on it over the weekend! Have a great weekend!

In Light Watch today a relaxing lighting tip…take a boat trip on the river in the cool breeze of the night. Many cities have a river running through it. Most of them offer night tours…a great way to see the city from an angle… and with lighting…Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris…   


Light Watch 69
: Singapore at night seen from the river

08. April 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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