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Singapore 29th April 2011

It is difficult not to mention the royal wedding between Prince William & Kate Middleton today. The whole world seems to be in attendance and the ceremony is broadcast live on TV probably in every country imaginable as I write this blog. I watched snippets of the ceremony and was impressed by the bright daylight inside the Abbey (as far as I could judge from the TV images never having visited the Abbey). Whatever artificial (flood) lighting was discretely installed at higher levels above general view and cameras were mounted on fixed brackets remotely controlled making all the “high tech” equipment hardly noticeable keeping the focus on the happy couple and the occasion. A quick check on the Westminster Abbey website reveals that you can even down load a 3D royal wedding Westminster Abbey phone app, allowing you to enjoy the Abbey from the comfort of your home J

I must say from the TV images the Abbey looked fantastic, the huge high vaults lined with chandeliers and on the ground the red carpet bordered with trees and greenery (I assume put there for the occasion), somehow linking “heaven and earth” maybe even the green movement together.

In our lighting industry we do not really have royal weddings, but we do have our “royal” mergers, take-overs and buy-outs, if I may use the comparison. We had quite some big ones in recent times, specifically by the big “royals” such as Philips, Osram, Zumtobel, etc. Philips “marrying” with Color Kinetics, Dynalite (to name just two… 🙂 , Osram/Siemens with Siteco, Zumtobel with Thorn, Staff a few years ago and so on.

Not all marriages end up in a life time of happiness, but Will and Kate surely look like they have made a great start to their newly married life.

In Light Watch today London’s Westminster Abbey. It is on my list of to visit places. The picture below is from the Abbey website in normal conditions., but I am sure the pictures of today’s ceremony with the beautifully dressed Abbey interiors will be all over the news over the next couple of days.

Light Watch 81: Westminster Abbey, London

29. April 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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