Nomination Day

Singapore 27th April 2011

I have spent many years in Singapore and have witnessed several general elections over the last 20+ years. Everyone has his own opinion about Singapore’s political landscape but as an outsider it has always been an interesting spectacle to watch. The build up to the elections, the campaigning and introducing of candidates and now today the official Nomination Day, the day that all parties and their candidates have to file their nomination to be illegible for election. It’s very strict. All parties are given exactly one hour (not a second more) to submit the nomination forms at a few specific locations and any mistake on the forms is a potential reason to reject the candidacy. Upon successful filing of their nomination each candidate or group of candidates gets exactly 1 minute, respectively 3 minutes to address their supporters. Election Day will be 7th May next week.

There is much similarity when we tender for an official lighting design job. We are given a deadline by which we have to “nominate” ourselves to the client. We are given forms to fill in “nominating” our particulars, including office structure, project team, qualifications and proposed action (read fee) plan. Sometimes we are disqualified if we fail to submit in time or submit incomplete bids. The nomination requirements are meant to sift the real professionals from the “non-serious” bidders. Without out putting up a nomination/selection hurdle every Tom, Dick and Harry could bid for the projects potentially creating a lot of headache. Most of the time in our lighting business the tenderers are preselected and qualified to assure the final bids are of the desired quality.

Today as it happens I also had a submission deadline for a big project development in China… sort of “nominated” my-self for the project by submitting a fee proposal and all other qualifications required. On “Election” day I hope the client will vote for KLD!

In Light Watch today I want to share some more pictures of my recent trip to Milan. There is nothing as stunning and as beautiful as day light when it creates patterns of light and shadow revealing structures, finishes and materials. I had the opportunity to visit the Duomo, the famous cathedral and its surroundings…worth the visit. I share herewith some of the majestic views and effects inly creatable with daylight!

Light Watch 79: The Duomo and surroundings in Milano, Italy

27. April 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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