Singapore, 1-2nd April 2011

Drinking is an integrated part of socialising….and in most professions like ours this is linked with networking…or should I say “bonding”? Last night I came back late after a “bonding” session with friends in the industry and this morning I can still feel my “head”. I must say I am not a drinker, never really have been one. I like a beer or a glass of wine with my dinners or when socialising, but going out to beat a drinking record is not my thing. Also it does not feel particularly healthy and honestly as you grow older health and fitness becomes much more a priority. But occasionally I “succumb” to invitations to join for a drink. It’s not so much that I don’t like joining in for a drink, it’s more the discipline of not go get dragged into over drinking… honestly I don’t know how some keep up the speed of drinking! Having said that I did enjoy the evening (which started late afternoon) with for some our partners joining us later on as well.

One of my first experiences with really drinking happened when I started working in this part of the world (80’s). As some of you know drinking (or toasting) is a big part of Chinese diner customs. Your host invites you for diner and during the diner the hard drinks come out and you keep toasting to each other. The so called “yam-sing” (bottoms up) can be lethal if you are not prepared for it! Specifically as you generally need to toast to all others as a token of appreciation. So at a table of 10 you have had 10 drinks by the time everyone else has had one! Argh! Somehow it also is part of showing your “mettle” if you can survive the drinking. What you need to do to “survive” is to make sure you drink lots of water in between the drinks to dilute the impact (I learned this the hard way!). But once you survive you have gained considerable status!  

In Light Watch today one of Singapore’s first hang-out places along the river…Boat and Clarke Quay. In the back ground one of my early lighting projects in Singapore, Riverside Point Shopping Mall.

Light Watch 64: View to Clark (left) and Boat Quay (right

02. April 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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