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Singapore, 21st March 2011

It was nice to catch up with some colleagues in the lighting business during last weeks’ Lights in Goa event. I always enjoy listening to other colleagues and during the seminar sessions in Goa it was much the same. Even after having been in the lighting industry for so many years, I still learn. You always do. But learning, improving yourself and keeping on growing is an art. Too many people after reaching a certain level of knowledge (and status) stop growing. Complacency sets in and gradually they get disconnected with the real world. My point is that we should be on a journey to learn and grow continuously. Anyhow that is one of my beliefs in life…

So attending keynote presentations from expert colleagues such as Kaoru Mende, Paul Traynor, Roger Narboni  and Steven Rosen was for me very motivating and simulating. I always find new points of view, other angles of approach, new ideas and solutions to our everyday lighting design challenges. Most of all the mix of cultures (East meets West) allows us to experience the global progress of technology against the backdrop of local and socio-cultural interpretations. As Roger highlighted in his presentation in the Chinese culture for instance the colours red and white have different meanings and associations compared to what they mean in the West. So when we use the latest (global) LED technology to create colour washes in our projects we need to understand these meanings and associations in relation to the local cultural backgrounds and make sure our design makes sense not only on a global scale but particularly on a local scale.

An interesting part of learning is sharing. I am also a regularly invited speaker at lighting events or at training courses and found that sharing my expertise is also a great platform to learn. Why? Because by sharing your expertise you trigger questions and sometimes they totally come out of left field and allow you to look at lighting from a totally different (and unexpected) angle. And let’s not forget we also learn from our mistakes…or at least we should 🙂   

In Light Watch today just a reminder of some of common mistakes in lighting design such as unintended (reflected) glare, unintended scalloping of light on walls, silhouetting (too much contrasting daylight) or…


Light Watch 55: the stroboscopic effect of light caused by a ceiling fan…

21. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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