National Disasters

Singapore, 11-12th March 2011

As you have noticed this season of my blogging is a bit more relaxed than last year. Last year I had set myself the task to blog each and every day on lighting which I did without fail. This season I am taking a more relaxed approach skipping the weekends and if I can’t make it like last night then so be it…tomorrow is another day 🙂

Can we ever prepare ourselves for natural disasters? As I was working yesterday to try meet the weekends deadline for one of our projects, I received the news about the monster quake that hit Japan. The live coverage of the tsunami that followed was a real devastating sight to watch! Needless to say that we were obviously distracted by the news and visuals.

Not long ago I was stuck in Bali for a little while due to the volcanic eruptions from Mount Bromo. National disasters are humbling…volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami’s, bush fires, typhoons …the force of nature is hard to comprehend. I can’t but help thinking in how far our lighting designs can be prepared to deal with these extreme heat or extreme wet conditions. We can make sure we have the best quality and most of all high quality installations, but in all honesty otherwise I don’t think that there is much we can do. Electrical safety measures are probably crucial, which refers back to the quality of the electrical installations, wiring, and power cut off provisions to avoid high voltage electricity without control. The morale is we should not design only for the good times but always consider extreme and potentially dangerous situations our lighting installation may be exposed to.  

In Light Watch today my thoughts are with Japan, New Zealand and other countries that have recently suffered the consequences of Mother Nature….


Light Watch 50: Volcano eruptions Indonesia and Hawaii

12. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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