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Goa, 17th March 2011

These two days I am attending the lighting seminars which are part of the Lights in Goa event with some very interesting speakers and subjects lined up. Key note speaker was Karu Mende who has well earned his place in our lighting industry. From his presentation I noted a few interesting thoughts, most of which I personally subscribe to as well in my practice. While the theme of the seminar is about activating public spaces with lighting, Karu had a number of general key thoughts for the audience. His first was about that we are too fat when it comes to lighting and we should be doing “lighting dieting”. He refers of course to the overuse in lighting at a time where we should be considerate with our resources and closely related to this that we should really put quality over quantity…

One of the aspects that I really subscribe to is that we are at risk of globalisation and that as a result we are losing out on local culture. It is therefore important to research and preserve local culture as part of our lighting design where possible and with that create a local identity for the project rather then create a design that could be anywhere in the world. Originality is the key rather than imitation or reproduction…something easier said than done in a part world that has a reputation for copying things! Having said that not everything lends itself for local interpretation and there are many cases where internationalisation has its place in lighting projects. Let’s not forget that the lighting technology is global! Handle and apply with care and thought is the message.

Key to the promotion of our lighting design profession is education and with that not necessarily to students but most of all the education of clients. All of us face this continuously and it remains a challenging but rewarding thing to do and include as an integral part of our “services”.

There were many other interesting speakers and subjects but I would like to leave with some thoughts from Paul Trainor who brought up one of the key drivers that we all as lighting designers (should) subscribe to; we design for people not for lux meters.  However the caution is that we may not always understand or identify with the people that will use the spaces that we design the lighting for as we all have different back ground and experiences…..

In Light Watch today tribute t the lighting workshops as are now being prepared in Goa. I dnt have pictures et hence tonight pictures from Alingsas in Sweden where this concept first started. More tomorrow!    


Light Watch 53:   Lights in Alingsas

17. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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