Singapore, 8th March 2011

There is some LED craze going on in this world… It feels like I keep blogging about it. Originally LED lighting started as a small signalling or indicating light source. But since the breakthrough in technology made it possible to dramatically improve its performance it became a tool for many “real” lighting applications both in architectural as in events lighting. When the creation of “true” white light became possible with LED technology it became even more a must do/ have lighting source in our day to day lighting needs. Certainly with the ever-increasing social consciousness in regards to global warming and the need to reduce carbon emissions and thus the power consumption for lighting.    

It looks like we have come full circle now with LED making inroads in applications that really don’t need any lighting but where the LED has become more of a gadget. I Googled LED innovations as part of my research for a project and was amazed with what I found. LED eye lashes, LED mouth guards, LED Bikini’s, LED umbrella’s, LED tattoo’s (!), LED shoes and clothes, LED clothes pegs, LED wine bottles, LED music instruments…and the list goes on and on.

How far do we go with this LED craze? Gadgets can be fun, admitted, but somehow there should be an element of usefulness in innovations? At least that is my thought. There is already so much rubbish in this world that we can certainly do without a lot of it.

The reason I was looking up LED innovations was to see if there are any new clever ideas in applying LED’s to make our daily life more enjoyable, more comfortable, more practical or more special. Often we look at ways to make our project unique and recognisable by introducing a feature lighting element and logically searching for some new and interesting LED applications is one of the options…I just did not expect what I found J

In Light Watch today I somehow want to honour innovation and specifically the speed of LED innovation but I am not sure to what extent… This is just a snapshot grabbed from the net of one area but as I mentioned there is much more…let me know if you have any really innovative (and useful) LED innovation… 

Light Watch 47: LED gadgets

08. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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