How wild can you go?

Singapore, 7th March 2011

When we start brainstorming and conceptualising a lighting design one of the first things that comes up is how wild (or how conservative) should your design be. Many clients don’t really restrict you but in the end we always know that someone has to pay for it, right? We design with the client’s money so somewhere we need to understand what the brief is and even more what the budget is.

And that is where the challenge lies because putting up a budget right upfront may seriously limit the creative idea development as it may cut out any wild ideas that we know will be expensive. Most of the times clients have a budget but don’t tell us as they want to see what could be done, only to put cold water on your hot ideas later on.

However there is much to say to let the creative juices flow without boundaries or limitations. What seems like crazy ideas may eventually be engineered to something feasible and affordable! The best and simplest of lighting concepts are most of the time arrived at by going through the whole motion of crazy ideas and lots of researching and trying out. The thing with creativity is that you need inspiration (and motivation) which often is derived from initially wild ideas. The more experienced you are the better you are able to “control” and direct the creative part of the design process, but thing with inspiration is that sometimes it flows but sometimes it’s just stuck.

This is one of the core values of KLD, the importance and quality of the creative design process. Though we always have to work along timelines and budgets, creation cannot always be ordered to measure…it is a process in which all parties (client and designer) need to respect each other to get the best possible results. Everyday should have motivation, inspiration and creation, that is what design is about…..

In Light Watch today one of the wild LED concepts in China. A recently completed shopping mall with a huge TV screen hung of the ceiling. It is about 250m long and 30m wide (!) Costing about 32 million dollars it is not your average installation, but it is a huge attraction and from the feedback received worth its extra investment.

Light Watch 46: LED ceiling, Beijing Mall

07. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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