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 Singapore, 2nd March 2011

Setting up my new company also requires me to rebuild my lighting library… We need to be on the top of our toes when it comes to specifying lighting systems and be aware of the latest innovations. I have always adopted an open door policy towards suppliers and manufacturers, contrary to many other consultants who somehow feel that they are above spending time with “sales” people and ask them to drop off their catalogue to some librarian or even “mail” it to them. Whenever I can I will do my best to make time to meet these representatives of the lighting technologies that we specify in our projects. To me that is crucial. I need that dialogue.

And it really should be a dialogue. It is not only the supplier sharing, we share too. Our experiences, our requirements, our frustrations! I like to think that our professional feedback to the manufacturers help shape the future of the lighting products we use, specifically when we are in a position to develop special or customised project versions.

Ok, admittedly not all the “sales people” that knock on our practice door are brilliant and experienced, though you might expect that as a lighting supplier you would want to sent your most knowledgeable and experienced person (if not the director him/herself) to deal with a lighting specialist, right? During my career as a lighting designer I have met some hopeless cases that even did not know the difference between a lux and a lumen, let alone the difference between colour rendering and colour temperature. But you know what…you take out a little time to teach them and they become one of your most loyal and supportive suppliers!

Where was I going with this…oh, yes…our lighting library. In this modern world of internet and search engines… who still needs a hard copy catalogue? Nowadays you can store 200 catalogues and more in your pocket…on a simple thumb drive. So we shift to a paperless office more and more. But people like me who were born pre-internet age, still love holding an actual hard copy book in our hands…

In Light Watch today those little inventions that make life easier when it comes to lighting even though at times they are more like a gadget.     

Light Watch 43: Hands free reading lights

02. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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