Earth Hour Singapore

Singapore, 28th March 2011

I don’t know about you but Monday to me is always a mixed back of emotions. The excitement of a new week’s work (I love what I do!) and the sadness of another weekend passed. It’s like being on adrenaline during the week, but on relaxed mode in the weekend. I managed to buy, read and finish a 500 page book over the weekend! No, it was not about lighting, just one of those typical good guy- bad guy thriller stories….

Anyhow I did go out Saturday night as announced to have a look at how Earth Hour would be celebrated in Singapore since I was in town. And where better then Orchard Road, right? The epi-centre of screaming facade lights and high end retail malls. So, did they do it? The answer is yes…many did. But also many didn’t switch off their lights. Most of the major shopping malls like Ion Orchard, Orchard Central, Centrepoint, etc, did switch of their façade lighting, including some of the non- essential canopy walk way lighting. And you know what? It was pleasantly “dark” walking on Orchard road… Added to that were several Earth Hour locations where people were given the opportunity to light up candles. It created a sort of “campfire ambiance”. Orchard Road with candle light! Much more pleasant than those high powered metal halide streetlights and pulsating LED media facades! It would be interesting to know if the crime rate went up during that hour! Does anybody know? It is well known that lighting deters crime. What is not said is what deters more…a metal halide street light or a candle light 🙂

Some building owners went the extra mile towards the 60+ campaign by keeping their lights off for the rest of the night. There were some glaring exceptions, such as the Gucci store at Paragon, who stood out as a sore thumb with its bright façade lights. It made me wonder whether it was just intentionally not participating or just too complicated to switch off the lights?

At the end, with my lovely company, I went back into one of the malls’ restaurants were we fittingly had a candle light dinner…:  

In Light Watch today a mood picture of one of the candle light stations along Orchard Road in Singapore.


Light Watch 60:  Earth Hour 2011 Singapore

28. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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