Earth Hour 2011

Singapore, 25-26th March 2011

Yes I am taking it more relaxed this season, I went out last night and did not really felt like blogging when I came back :). It seems like today is more appropriate anyways as tonight we will see the Earth Hour 2011 edition take place at 8.30pm local time. This year more than 4000 cities in over 128 countries will take part in this event. It seems to have become the largest community driven campaign in the world by now. I blogged about it last year but it remains a major event that now has the new 60+ campaign urging people to go beyond the 60 minutes and look at ways to save energy in ever day life.

What does it mean to us as lighting designers? Should we stop designing light? No of course not, as Kaoru Mende said in Goa, we should be slimming down, go on a lighting diet. Get fit and healthy. We have become “obese” in terms of lighting and should be looking at where we can skim of the “fat” in lighting.

Walk down Orchard Road in Singapore and look at Orchard Ion or Orchard Central and you definitely get a feeling of “too much”. I am not aware of whom the lighting designers were nor what the design brief was, but to me it does not show much restraint nor consideration for our environment. Not only from energy point of view but particularly from lighting pollution point of view…yes Orchard Road is a major shopping and tourism attraction, but does it need all this “uncontrolled” illuminated facades? On top of that many media facades (like Orchard Central) can hardly be seen because of the trees!

Design with measure, purpose and intent is probably a slogan that we need to all adapt as lighting designers. It should be our credo anyhow as professional designers but often in the middle of everything we get lost, distracted and overexcited and end up with something that does not fit today’s real world anymore…As lighting designers we should be leading the way…I will be going down to Orchard road tonight and have a look personally to see who “got the message” 🙂    

In Light Watch today the focus is on Earth Hour. The official Earth Hour 2011 video as can be seen on You Tube at:

Light Watch 59: Earth Hour 2011

26. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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