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Singapore, 4rd March 2011

In continuation of responsibilities, the subject of my blog yesterday, I would like to touch on the aspect of being the boss or being just bossy. In Asian culture hierarchy and position in life (and business) plays an important role. In our business we deal with decision makers all the time. Someone has to make decisions during the design, development or installation process and not always everyone assigned to do this, is actually in a position or let alone qualified to do this even though some like to project that they do.

To me it is highly inefficient when you have to deal with someone who pretends to be in charge only to find out that that person is later being overruled by their boss again. Sure you can be representing your boss with a certain mandate but you need at all times to be clear that your decision or instruction is subject to your boss’s approval.

Unfortunately there are always those people that have not much to say in their own office, but once being put in charge of a project outside use their position to be bossy and unreasonable just to show off. These are the worst managers. I am sure some of you can relate to this. I have met heaps of project managers as a lighting designer and the best ones are those who respect your expertise, query you when needed but trust your experience. They manage and they lead. But they don’t bully you around. They respect people time and efforts. In other words they are the boss but they are not necessarily bossy. There is a world of difference between a good leader being the boss and a manager showing (or should I say abusing) his power by being bossy.

Of course all this under the premise that you as the lighting designer deliver and know your stuff…..  

In Light Watch today I refer to someone who is known around the world as “the Boss”, Bruce Springsteen. He acquired his knick name early in his career when he looked after his band by collecting money and then distributing it to his mates. A rock concert is definitely a light show worth watching nowadays. Today’s technology allows some incredible effects!

Light Watch 45:  Rock concert by “the Boss”.

04. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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