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Goa, 16th March 2011

Being “on the ground” is crucial for the success of every project. Our Goa hotel project is in the final stages of completion and checking the progress of the lighting is vital to assure all is being installed as per design specifications. It’s all in the details. The site team gets it 80% right, but it’s all those final little details that will make or break the end result.

One of the common issues is that the actual site team executing the works is not the person you generally communicate with, that is their manager. Regardless how good the manager is he does need to delegate and as a result little details are lost in translation. Something you only find out when on site. The site team has to move forward under the imposed deadlines of completion and have at times to make their own decisions.

I found out on site today that some circuits were not dimmable, that some lights were (or were not) installed apparently due to site following the ID drawings rather than the principal lighting drawings! Both architects and interior designer have a tendency to show lighting as design intent and somehow these lights still appear on their construction drawings even though we have a specific set of lighting construction drawings…

Our site architect is good and communicates well, but some others in the chain of command do not communicate that well (language/ cultural barriers) and move forward with their own interpretation rather than to double check. Seeming to be in control towards others in the team may play a role as well. Some show entrepreneurial sites by experimenting solutions where site constrains demand some inventive resolution. Unfortunately their lack of understanding of the lighting concept results most of the time in solutions that do not really work.

Finally we find ourselves at times with situations of no return (except at huge additional costs) where tiles have been cut for the lights and cemented into (the wrong) place, conduits have been chased and finished to the wrong location, etc. forcing your hand in this case does not always help…diplomacy and common sense does.  

In Light Watch today I highlight the event that I have come to attend in Goa… Lights in Goa under the PLDA banner.
More about the event in the coming days.


Light Watch 52: Lights in Goa!

16. March 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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