Singapore, 7th February 2011

With the main Chinese New Year celebrations behind us life is slowly returning to normal in Asia. For many Chinese traditional activities still continues but for most it is back to business as usual. I am rushing to complete documentation for one of the hotels for which tender is to be called soon and one of my main concerns is to have the light fitting selection (and lighting effects) right. There is an extra challenge as time is not on our side. As we are dealing with a renovation the hotel basically has to close sections one by one in order to implement the renovation without too much affecting the on-going business. This staged implementation as it is called, requires close coordination also with the lighting suppliers to assure the selected light fittings are available within the time schedule for supply and installation.

Some of the light fittings that I am considering I have not used before so I am requesting samples to make sure that it does what I wanted it to do. To be more specific I am checking out the LED versions of some down lights as too often the performance is not as visually pleasing and satisfying as the photometric data indicate. Seeing is believing, right? Specifically since LED has totally different light distribution characteristics then the traditional incandescent/halogen sources (and technology and performance continuously improve) visually satisfying yourself of the lighting effects is important.

In a related situation where we are custom making a light fixture with a different design and lamp source I am being sent a sample from the overseas manufacturer as the photo’s taken at the factory of the mock up did not sufficiently satisfy me, specifically the potential glare component. Samples for visual mock ups are elementary in our business as lighting designers.

In Light Watch today one of those “oops” situations. I recently stayed as a hotel, admittedly not a 5 star, where I couldn’t find the light switch. In the first picture the way you see it, with the only switch a red emergency/ panic switch! The next picture taken at a much lower angle shows you the (white) switch under (!) the bedside table next to the telephone jack…and I am just commenting on the light switch 🙂


Light Watch 26: Guestroom lighting oops

07. February 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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