Singapore, 8th February 2011

Presentations are half the work, they say. In our job it is even more important as lighting design is not always that easy to present. We have our ideas about the lighting effect but the presentation obviously needs to transmit the feeling and intent to the listeners. As an experienced presenter you generally know when you have “hooked” your audience and managed to convey “the design message”. Today I had such meeting.

The importance of these presentations whether for concept, details or other is to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to your design. Most of all to make sure your design complies with all requirements, operational wise, mood wise, quality wise, etc. Integration with the interior design concept, providing solutions that allow easy operation and maintenance, making sure your design is easy on the budget.

Presentation is also anticipation. It is not only about “bulldozering” your great design to acceptance by the team. It is about consideration for others needs too. Hence when preparing the presentation it is key to anticipate the needs and requirements of others in relation to lighting and the use of space. Addressing those shows you understand the greater picture in which your lighting design will have to operate and perform. While there is at times a need to think out of the box and create something new which requires convincing that it will work and is worth the money, in general lighting design is an integrated part of a greater concept. Hence understanding of that greater concept and involving that into your presentation is generally the key component for acceptance of your design.    

In Light Watch today I am honouring the wisdom that carries us forward in doing what we do. Our knowledge is conveyed first by our parents and later in life we learn from education and from mistakes we make. I therefore salute my dad today who celebrates his 83rd birthday and who’s wisdom has helped grow my wisdom of today! We learn a lot from history and therefore on my list to today is Singapore’s National History Museum….   


Light Watch 27: Singapore’s National Museum

08. February 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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