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Singapore, 11th February 2011

Life should be a balance between work and fun, business and private. Too often we emerge ourselves so much into work that we forget to enjoy life. Certainly in this part of the world work life seems to take precedence over private life with many working till late and in the weekends. There is however a healthy trend developing were businesses make it appoint that their staff relaxes, enjoy and look after their health, whether through company outings, functions or fitness programs. It is no secret that a balanced life creates a much more productive and motivating environment. Unfortunately there are still many “greedy” business owners who don’t see it that way and abuse staff to their own profit.

The trend to create better working environments translates in many projects where corporate head offices for instance create spaces for sports, relaxation or even special events and functions. This can be a gym, a pool, a café or outdoor terrace, landscaped gardens and the like. In relation to lighting this means that “corporate designs” have to be spruced up to create these relaxation spaces. This means mood settings, after hour lighting (in a social entertaining way) rather than pure performance lighting that is geared at maximising productivity.

It’s a different ball game…and it requires the lighting designer to be versatile and be understanding of the different needs for the different demands. I am a strong believer that a lighting designer nowadays should not be a specialist in one area only, but a versatile creator of lighting for all types of applications. It is the experience in these different applications that gives you the ability to think out of the box and apply your lighting knowledge from one application into another…

Today Singapore celebrates the Chingay parade, a traditional Chinese New Year procession that welcomes the spring and over the years has evolved to a massive street parade with dancers, street floats, lion and dragon dancers and more. The parade is held after office hours at night and the illuminated floats and dancers provide for an entertaining and relaxing evening. My pick for Light Watch today.


Light Watch 30: Singapore’s Chingay parade

11. February 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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