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Perth, 23rd February 2011

Many tasks and sports have to deal with whether you are right handed or left handed. Writing is probably one of the most obvious ones. In sports we have left and right handed golfers and tennis players.  But what about lighting?

One of the main issues for lighting is a desk for working tasks. If you are right handed you pretty much need the light to come from the left and vice versa to avoid your hand casting a shadow on your writing. In case of a desk top light this means positioning the light on one side but making sure the light has a reach to overcome the obstruction of your hand.

I had an interesting session today in confirming bedside lighting controls for one of our hotel projects. We are trying to configure one set of controls to fit all type of guestrooms. We confirmed the number of switches required for each bedside but were then confronted with two challenges. Originally we only figured out one which is the difference between one large (King) bed arrangement and a double bed (Twin) room arrangement. In the first case the controls are on the outer side, in the second case they are located in between the beds.

However we then realised that rooms are mirrored alternately and hence the “left” hand switches have to be configured for the “right” hand in the mirrored room situation. Which made me think of left and right hand issues….  

In Light Watch today I list one of our on-going projects in Australia, the lighting of a golf driving range in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.  We are working on a novel way (developed by and with Abacus Lighting) with lights mounted in the ground rather then the conventional pole mounted floodlights. The tee-off area obviously need to be designed to suit both left and right hand golfers…


Light Watch 38: Proposed driving range lighting at Kalgoorlie Golf Course

23. February 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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