Singapore, 21st January 2011

While most of Asia is gearing itself up for the upcoming Chinese New Year’s celebrations, I am planning the work ahead for my new company. In a way it suits me perfectly as traditionally Chinese new year is a time where practically everything is closed and companies stop working for prolonged times. What is more, in the run up to the actual holidays which this year fall on 4th and 5th February, business slows down from 1-2 weeks before and only slowly start back 1-2 weeks after. This means that most of my clients have their attention away from the projects for a while, a perfect time to plan ahead, certainly when you are setting up a new company!

In our work time management is essential. I have blogged before that we basically deal in time. Yes we have our expertise, but our real commodity is time! So planning our involvement in the projects ahead is crucial. Which means assessing the extend of the lighting design works to be done, assigning it to the person or persons with the appropriate expertise and work knowledge and then cross check it with other project time lines to see if there are clashes in terms of deliveries to the respective clients. Note that one person can handle several projects at the same time but still each individual needs to make sure they can deliver as projected. Practice shows that you need to build in quite some “buffer” time as in our business we are continuously confronted with unforeseen and urgent demands which can take up a big chunk of our time. As a rule we often double or even triple the time actually needed to complete the works. If we can deliver faster we impress our clients! It’s called managing expectations….

In anticipation of the big Chinese New Year celebrations in Light Watch today I take a look at the Orchard Road lighting decorations which always are a feast to the eye. While I take Orchard road as the example, many different areas of Singapore and for the matter most major cities around the world decorate their streets with dazzling lights to celebrateee   the various seasons. 


Light Watch 15: Orchard Road Singapore – Xmas 2010 Festive Light up

21. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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