Jakarta, 24th January 2011

On the road again! This few days I am up and about in Indonesia to get KLD of the starting blocks here. I have taken over some of the previous jobs I was working on here and we are now in the process to convert the contracts over to KLD. As the team remains the same the clients are mostly comfortable with the transition. But it needs to be formally and contractually sealed hence we are meeting our clients and introduce the new face of KLD. Hail the communication technology, but nothing beats good old face to face meetings.

One of the things that really strikes me in Jakarta is the poor state of the lighting installations. It is a general problem that applies to the whole of Asia, but touring around tonight, checking out some the illuminated buildings and landmarks, I can only say that much is not working as it should. Ok, it is Monday evening and maybe in view of energy saving some building owners have switched off parts of the lighting but from some uncoordinated random lights that are working it looks more like a maintenance issue. And that is one of the key issues of a good lighting design. It should not look good just on opening night, several months down the road it should still work, several years later it should still stand the test of time. Unfortunately in many projects in this region, budgets are not what they should be, clients are taking short cuts by replacing specified lights by cheaper alternatives of lower quality. Together with possible shortcuts taken by the installation contractor we find ourselves with lighting installations that fail shortly after start of operation. With mostly no proper maintenance operation in place (this should be negotiated as part of the installation tender!) we end up with badly looking (if any) lighting installations at night.   

In Light Watch tonight I wanted to highlight the Jakarta skyline, but I must say that many of the buildings fail miserably. Below a picture of the National Monument (Monas) on how it should look like. From my local partner I hear that he has not seen the monument lit for a long time! What a shame!


Light Watch 16: National Monument Jakarta, Indonesia

24. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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