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Singapore, 20th January 2011

Today I received one of the latest editions of a lighting magazine called Lighting India. As many of you know I am a regular writer not only in my blog but also in various magazines. I have had my regular column called Reflections in Lighting Today magazine for more than 5 years already! I received the magazine to which I am not subscribed but read once in a while because it features a cover story about lifestyle lighting which I wrote base on two projects we completed last year in China.

Lighting publications such as the Professional Lighting Design magazine, Lighting Today, Luminous, Lighting (UK), Lighting (Australia), Enlighter and many others offer us lighting designers as well as any other interested parties in lighting a great window into the world of lighting. It allows us to share and learn with and from others without having to travel the world, get insights and opinions from experts and be updated about the latest trends and technologies. Of course we have to always read with an open mind and take things in with due diligence as opinions are just that and often project reports a brushed up to look great. It wouldn’t be the first time I see the reality being a far cry from the beautiful pictures in the magazine. But having said that, lighting magazines are a great way to communicate.

It has to be said that more and more lighting publications are moving on line. I still like to have a hard copy in my hand but with the growing popularity of IPADS and the like we seem to be definitely moving to a paperless society! Most of the magazines offer a soft copy or a link where the magazine can be downloaded.

In Light Watch today I pay tribute to all those hundreds of publishers, editors and writers that put their time and efforts in to bring us their lighting publications. I provide you with the link to Lighting India for this issue ( so you can judge for yourself all the hard work that goes into publications. My blog is featured on the magazine website which provides you with a further link to PLD magazine.


Light Watch 14: Lighting publications, Lighting India

20. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. i still remember when i was interviewing you, you compared a nice lighting design to the fashon appearance. Proper related elements make them all work.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I want to subscribe “Lighting India” magazine for our R&D. Please advise why
    we can get this magazine on monthly.

    Attachment is for your kind information regarding to our requirement.

    Looking forward to your promote reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Karuna Sagar (R&D)

    Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.

    Himachal Pradesh, India

    +91 9805676002

  3. Dear Sir,
    I want to subscribe “Lighting India” magazine.we can get this magazine on monthly basis.

    Jitender Kumar
    +91 7757021223

  4. You may contact NAFISA S. KAISAR
    Editorial Co-ordinator for Lighting India

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