Light Talk Season 2 – Introducing Light Watch

Perth, 3rd January 2011

Happy New Year to all my loyal and regular followers, I wish you all the very best for 2011! I trust you all had a lovely time with your family and friends to welcome in the New Year, I certainly have. After a well-deserved break I am picking up from where I left last year with Light Talk Season 2. This year I intend to continue along the same lines as last year but I will introduce some new elements. One of them is pictures. Seeing is believing and a picture tells a thousand words are sayings we use to express that and which are so true for lighting. Another element I want to introduce as part of the blog is “Light Watch”. One of my blog followers last year asked me about what to see or do in regards to lighting when she was travelling in Europe. I thought that was a great question and have therefore decided to include that as part of my blog. As I travel a lot I am exposed to many countries and cultures. Throughout the year I intend therefore to report on lighting things to see, do or experience. It can be anything from projects, building façade lighting, events, exhibitions, educational things, etc. Please share with me “lighting” things to see, do or visit. At the end of the year we should have compiled a nice list.     

As to the regular blog I will endeavour to write daily but not like the 365 days I did last year. I may take the weekends and public holidays of and if travel or location does not permit I may skip a day or two, but otherwise pretty much the same. As I have just returned from spending Xmas and New Year in Sydney so what better way to start Light Watch then with the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of my “to do things” was to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For those who have missed it I have copied the link to the Channel 10 news reel.

It’s going to be a magic year!


Light Watch 1: Sydney Harbour Bridge

03. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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