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Jakarta, 25th January 2011

Meetings are progressing well. It is nice to see how the new company (KLD) is being welcomed into the respective project teams. It feels like everyone is embracing this as a change for the better which of course is very comforting and motivating for my team. Indonesia’s economy is definitely growing at a faster pace than many other countries and is perhaps the third economy behind China and India. With the growing economy and buying power of the public we also see the emergence of trendy pubs, café’s and lifestyle shopping malls.

I find it always fascinating to be amongst other cultures and see how the new trends contrast with their actual life styles. As I travel over the world and in Asia specifically I am lucky to have this exposure. People in Indonesia are extremely friendly with great hospitality and have a way of life that some envy but drive other people nuts. The easy going way and an attitude of “why do it today if I can do it tomorrow” reflects in all aspects of life and also in lighting we see this “relaxed” way of doing business whether in lighting supplies or as an installation contractor. I must say that with the humongous traffic jams that are locking down many highways and major roads in the city, the easy way approach probably is more healthy than stressing about it! Sitting in a traffic jam for even 20 minutes without moving an inch back or forth absolutely “drives” me nuts. Adapting to the situation by working in the back of the car on your laptop for instance (I wrote the first part of the blog this morning while in the jam) to make optimal use of your time is the best way forward. The same holds for doing business. Don’t try and change their way of life. Work with and around it!   

In Light Watch I want to share a place with you that is labelled as typically authentic and imperial Indonesian cuisine. Tonight I went for dinner in a Restaurant called Lara Djonggrang part of the Tugu Hotels group. There are several different style heritage outlets in Jakarta. You can check out there website at The interior decoration, the lighting and of course the food guaranty to give you a great authentic experience


Light Watch 17: Lara Djonggang Restaurant Jakarta

25. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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