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Bali, 26th January 2011

Now in Bali for some further meetings and presentations. What a contrast with a Jakarta! I know that of course as I have been to Bali many times but most of the time I arrive in Bali directly from overseas. Coming from Jakarta this time, Bali looks like a calm village with a totally different pace of life. No high rise buildings, lots of green landscape, paddy fields and heaps of activity everywhere. In fact it feels more like people actually live here!

After the last meeting today I wanted to relax and opted for one of my favourite places for dinner…Jimbaran Beach. The stretch of beach between the Intercontinental Hotel and the 4 Seasons is renowned for its fresh seafood and the table setting on beach sand with the waves just a few steps away is an experience by itself. It therefore features as my choice for Light Watch today! That also triggered the subject of today…LED or candles. The tables are all fitted with real candles which of course creates a lovely ambiance. Add to that you peaceful view over the bay, the rolling waves and when dark the twinkling lights from the hilly 4 Seasons Resort on one side and those from Intercon on the other with the lights from Kuta and the airport further in the distance. In contrast vendors parade along the beach with …yes LED lights…showing of the goods in the dark! The contrast couldn’t be bigger.

Which brings me to the point of LED replacements for nearly everything…candles included. You can now get LED candles which actually flicker and by putting them in a frosted glass container you actually can’t see it is artificial. Using “LED candles” in a clear glass holder would give it away. To add another dimension to the candle experience there is a manufacturer that makes a little tea light candle which you can switch off by blowing just like the real one. You blow again it comes back on…

So how far do we take this LED retro fit? This rage of retro-fitting practically anything that lights up seems to reach outrageous proportions as far as I am concerned. There is a place and time for everything…

Light Watch 18: Seafood restaurants on the beach, Jimbaran – Bali

26. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Crackle of the fireplace, and that smell of a candle wax when you put the candle out…
    Nah, some things can`t be `retro- fitted` no matter how hard we try.

    Have fun.

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