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Singapore, 18th January 2011

In our profession as lighting designers the computer has become our heart and soul and ultimate work horse. It is probably the same for many other professions, certainly in the creative ones. Imagine life without it. I bet you that many of you wouldn’t even know how to practice lighting design without a computer. I have lived life as a lighting designer when personal computers did not exist and the only “computer” we had (I was working in Philips at the time), was a huge so called main frame computer located in and occupying a complete special room on another floor. In order to do lighting calculations we needed to prepare hundreds of punch cards which were then fed into the computer. One mistake in one of the punch cards and the calculations was wrong. Anyhow my point for today is that we have come a long way since those days and now are totally dependable on information technology through our computers.

Hence when your computer does not work properly or the internet is down we are frustrated as we have become so dependable on them working perfectly round the clock. If not for internet, email and programs like Skype, I would not know how to run my business and keep in touch with my staff, my clients, family and friends. When away from home it allows me to keep in touch without raking up big telephone bills….

Today’s new generation is brought up in this IT world, so much so that it is compulsory basically to have a computer to be able to do your homework. You can “Google” this if you not believe me … 🙂   

Today’s Light watch is dedicated to the educational system, specifically the ones dedicated to lighting. There are several well known institutes in the world that provide dedicated lighting design studies. I just name the Wismar Hochschule (from which I have several of my designers), the Bartlett School in London and the NSW University in Sydney, but there are many more. Using the computer surely is integral in today’s lighting design studies.


Light Watch 12: Wismar Hochschule, Germany

18. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hi Martin,

    Its great to be reading you blogs again, welcome back!!

    Would like to correct you on this bolg entry, its the University of Sydney in Sydney, which has the lighting course, and not Uni of NSW as you have pointed out.

    As my al mater, I have a small responsibility towards it, I guess.


  2. Thanks for the correction. Slip of the pen 🙂
    Great to see you back in the “commentary box”

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