Singapore, 14th January 2011

Seems like La Nina is striking hard all around the world! With raging floods going on in Australia, Brasil and the Phillipines, we are all confronted with the amazing force of mother nature. In Australia there was some advanced notice hence the authorities were able to switch off the power in the affected areas and save some of the equipment…nowadays life without power is hard to imagine! I have never been personally affected by floods of this nature but I can only feel compassion for all those involved! The news images speak for themselves.

It also reinforces my view of the importance of applying very good quality when we design our lighting for the exteriors. Most of all the installation of the equipment is critical. Besides specifying good quality fixtures that can withstand being submerged for a little while, we can do much towards providing proper installation details. At the time we design and install the lighting we generally deal with normal and dry conditions, but we should be very mindful of extreme weather situations that may occur in our area of design such as typhoons or flooding. Not something we generally consider! So thinking about how the installed light could be affected can save a lot of headache in the future when bad weather may occur. For instance I always make it a point in landscape lighting to raise my recessed in-ground up-lights  from the ground 50-100mm and embedding them in a concrete base so that the lights don’t get immediately flooded with heavy rain and covered with leaves and other garden rubbish and are protected from wild mowing gardeners!  

In this Light Watch some pictures of submerged poles and signs!

Light Watch 10: Flooding

14. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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