Fengshui and numbers

Singapore, 13th January 2011

One of the things I got to appreciate when I arrived in Asia many years ago was the science of Feng Shui and Numerology. I am triggered by this thought as today’s date is the 13th, a number by many ruled as unlucky. As a practical westerner I was very sceptical about these Asian philosophies when I arrived but as years went by I gradually started to experience and be exposed to the practices and witnessed some interesting success stories. Whether coincidental or the result of the Feng Shui application can of course be debated.

I found it interesting enough to study these Eastern philosophies for a while and have been mindful of some general principles that are at the heart of it all in my lighting designs. A lot is just common logical and basic sense, the art of placement, the energy flow and balance…Lighting in my opinion definitely has a place in this all and isn’t lighting design also a matter of common sense and balance…?

In Eastern philosophy the number 4 has a bad connotation as it is associated with death, reversely number 8 is seen as lucky as it’s pronunciation in Chinese sounds very much like prosper or fortune. One day I was present in a client meeting where a Feng Shui specialist presented an invoice for his services for his recommendations to improve the overall design, which amount the client found much too high. He then explained that the invoice amount was auspicious and the result also of his Feng Shui work for the good outcome of this project and could therefore in no way be altered…ha-ha… that was a good one I thought, but the client accepted and paid. It just shows to tell…

I have decided that in Light Watch I will also share odd lighting situations or in my opinion wrong lighting applications or effects to vary the subjects and focus of attention a bit. I invite you also to share with me any strange lighting installation you may have observed or interesting lighting place you have visited. Let me know! Below landscape lighting that does not make much sense…a typical “oops!”


Light Watch 9: Landscape lighting “oops”

13. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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