Singapore, 19th January 2011

One of my clients in Indonesia is Ciputra, one of the biggest property developers around. This evening I therefore made it a point to watch an interview with the man, who is an example of great entrepreneurship. I have a special interest as I was privileged to be invited to his private home and have met Pak Ciputra several times in my projects . I have always been impressed by his vision and drive and most of all his understanding of the importance of lighting. He is ardent supporter of art, which is omnipresent in his residence.

The main reason for the interview was that Ciptura is going to set up a school for entrepreneurs. His vision is that Indonesia needs entrepreneurs not employees. His university will help create the much needed entrepreneurs the country needs. “He who turns garbage into gold is an entrepreneur” is his definition. We as lighting designers are entrepreneurs in our own right. Not only people like myself who start a company out of nothing, but also our designers who take an idea and turn it into reality. A good designer needs to have the vision and entrepreneurial spirit not only in the creative process but most of all in the realisation process. Our concepts are the result of our dreams, converting them into reality and within local limitations and budget is another story and requires pro-active thinking, a character trait of a good entrepreneur. How often do we not hear: “it’s not possible”? Entrepreneurs don’t take no for an answer and find solutions, think out of the box, take another look to make it work somehow! Taking our lighting design to the end is entrepreneurship!      

In line with entrepreneurship I would like to highlight in Light Watch today the Lighting Design Awards that exist around the world.  The international awards from organisations like IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) but also the local country and state chapters from organisations like the IES (Illuminating & Engineering Society) and many others. In a way Lighting Design awards the culmination of lighting design entrepreneurship.


Light Watch 12: Lighting Design Awards

19. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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