Balance of brightness

Singapore, 28th January 2011

Yes I did make it back! With some delays, but I managed to touch down back in Singapore before midnight allowing me a good night’s rest, which I needed after the Indonesia excitement. As a result I was able to carry out my planned schedule of meetings today. One of them was reviewing the lighting of a mock up room.

One of the most important things to achieve in the lighting for a hotel guestroom is to create that welcoming feeling on arrival and that relaxing mood as you spend time in the room. Of course the interior design concept in terms of material finishes and space planning has to be there, but it is finally the balance of brightness’s that will make or break the overall end result. This balance of brightness is for instance the balance between ceiling brightness and the brightness at floor level. In my case the cove lighting in the ceiling turned out to be far too bright in relation to the rest of the lighting creating an unbalance in the room (too much attraction to the ceiling).

For a room to feel good there need to be a pleasant balance (and contrast) of light at general eye level. There must be some focal points on which you can rest (or feast) your eyes. This can be artwork, a decorative pendant or table lamp of a nice wash over beautiful curtains or wall finishes. But with the appropriate focus of light. In other words the direction and spread of the beam are critical in the way the beam hits specifically any vertical surfaces (scallops). The room definitely needs some further tweaking.       

In Light Watch today an homage to good airport lighting. After having spent (too) many hours at Bali’s Airport (not the worst around I have to admit) it was a as always a delight to come back in Singapore’s Changi Airport, as far as I am concerned undisputedly one of the best airports in the world.  

Light Watch 20: Terminal 3 Changi Airport, Singapore

28. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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