Singapore, 17th January 2011

Over the weekend I took the opportunity to visit Art Stage Singapore, a new art fair touted as the top contemporary Art Market in Asia Pacific. As lighting designers we distinguish ourselves from electrical engineers by our creativity in finding lighting solutions and one way (for me) to keep my creative juices flowing is to be inspired by other creative artists. Fittingly held at the iconinc Marina Bay Sands exhibition halls, it featured over 100 of the world’s best and well known art galleries, representing top artists including Picasso and Botero! According to press releases already more the $2 million worth of art was sold after the first 2 days!  

What struck me was the vast array of new and upcoming artists and their artworks most of them with installations out of the ordinary, in other words not your conventional painting sort of thing. Even more interesting to me (I definitely don’t consider myself as an art expert) is the increasing use of multimedia components such as video and projection and most of all lighting (LED’s!) as part of or actually being the artwork! There is no such thing as only still art anymore, today’s trend is definitely dynamic and interactive! There were different ways in which lighting was represented at the fair. There was one artist who created decorative light fittings where shape form and the interplay of light and shadow was centre to his art. There were several artists who used LED and laser light to create art forms in different ways. One artist projected a moving light through transparent shapes creating different projected shadow effects. My favorite was a Korean artist (Soon-Young Lee) who actually used artificial lighting and daylight effects as an integral part of her paintings. In our job we create renderings to visualise our lighting to the client, she does it as an art form.   

So my Light Watch today is dedicated to art and specifically those artists who use lighting in any form of way as a creative element in their art work. I am sure there are art fairs around the world. If you come across one in your part of the world do go have a look and get yourself inspired! (see also


Light Watch 11: Art Stage Singapore, Dreaming Wall by Soon-Young Lee

17. January 2011 by Martin Klaasen
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