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Singapore 20th October 2010

As part of our work we often have to provide write-ups. These can be conceptual stories to support our designs, technical write ups in our lighting documents or promotional write ups for publications or other marketing type materials. Not long ago I prepared a write up for a press release in relation to the launch of the I-Light festival here in Singapore. Now I am in the middle of preparing a synopsis for my guest speaking presentation at the Light Forum in Mumbai later next month.

The challenge for this one is that I have not done my presentation yet. I know what I am going to talk about (façade lighting and the challenges of modern lighting technology) but now I have to anticipate what the full content of the presentation is going to be in order to write this executive summary. That is why sometimes the write up is not always in line with the actual thing the write up is about. Knowing myself, the presentation is going to change up till the last minute, so I need to define the write up in such a way that it is general and changes in the presentation will not affect the overall outcome. I have done it before so I am confident I can deliver…

The thing with write ups (certainly in promotional ones or CV’s) is that we have a tendency to beautify the story, make it exciting and use lines that allow multiple interpretations. We tend to focus on the positive parts, brushing over and even ignoring any weak part of the story. When you do a write up of your work you will trumpet your success, right? It is seldom that I read a story about someone describing all the aspects that are wrong in his or her design. It takes quite some strength and self-acceptance to do that.

Thinking about it, I should challenge myself to write about all my mistakes in a next blog! Hmmm I’ll sleep on it…

20. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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