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Singapore 17th October 2010

Having a “helicopter” view on a lighting installation can be very revealing. Most of the time we see our installations from relatively close distance, often also because of limited viewing distances. Building lighting installations designed for public viewing or as a landmark destination are generally designed in 3 steps, for far away as a recognizable landmark or identity, for closer up when approaching and for street view on arrival. Rarely do we see our installation from the top down. Today I went to the Marina Bay Sands Sky Gardens one of the highest points on the Bay to have a look down at our Whirlpool. It looked great, even better than from the ground. From above the actual whirlpool effect comes out really well.

In a metaphoric way viewing things from a different angle can help getting a better perspective on situations. Sometimes we are so engrossed in our work that we can see the big picture anymore. Because we have been involved from the design stages we know what is right and works as planned and what is not. To a person who sees an installation for the first time they see it without “baggage”. They have no knowledge of how it should look like and hence take the lighting effects as being intended that way. You may argue about whether you like it or not, but generally the public does not see what we see.

It was therefore good to step out of my design cage and mix with the public to get a feeling of the reactions that people have when they see our installation. Certainly when it concerns “art” to me is a totally new ballgame even though you can argue that an architectural lighting installation is (or can be) as creative and arty as an actual artwork. While I am totally comfortable with peoples appreciation of our architectural designs, I am in unfamiliar territory when it comes to art installations like this. But as I mentioned before in art basically everything goes. Some people like it some don’t, that’s life. You can not argue about taste and preferences. But is is nice to have positive feedback and my view from the top today gave me a lot of confidence for the future.

17. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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