The King of Lighting Tower

Hainan 25th October 2010

A new 330m high landmark tower is going to be built in Guzhen, a township in Zhongshan near Guangzhou, China, which will be called the King of Lighting Tower. I read this in the China Daily on my way to Hainan yesterday. For the un-initiated, Guzhen is also called the lighting capital of China where virtually a whole township is dedicated to lighting alone.

If you have never been there it is hard to appreciate how much is dedicated to lighting, shop after shop, street after street. Anything you need can be found there, most of all your cheap “china-stuff’ comes from there. According to the article there are more than 9000 (!) lighting companies, more than 3000 (!) lighting shops and more than 4000 (!) lighting accessory companies which provides work to well over 70,000 people! It claims further that Guzhen exports more than 60% of the lights to more then 130 countries all over the world. The export is valued at about U$100 Million. I don’t know wether all these figures have been embellished, but having been there I like to believe they are close to the truth. In fact the reality maybe a multiple of that as some transactions may not even be officially recorded (!).  

Interestingly Guzhen seems to be re-inventing itself, or so the article claims. The local R&D institutes and companies involved in drafting standards for the lighting industry (that is in a way a bit worrying…) are developing Guzhen as a center of eco-friendly lighting on the back of their enormous energy saving lamps and LED industry. There are apparently more than 500 LED manufacturers in Guzhen, easily the biggest LED manufacturing center globally!   

I have no details about the tower other than that it will be shaped as an oil lamp. It will house an observation deck, restaurants, a conference center and most of all a lighting museum. There is no information about who the designers are. Perhaps more information will follow soon. Knowing the Guzhen style, I am very curious to find out more about this “mother of all lighting towers, the King of Lighting!

25. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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