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Singapore 13th October 2010

One of the signs of progress is growth and the need to put in place systems that can handle and facilitate the increased demand for communication, filing, administration, etc. We are currently going through such phase and are negotiating with IT companies to upgrade our current system to a network that can be accessed by everyone in the company whether in Singapore or China. We received some proposals (yes, it is not cheap) and need to assess and decide which company to go with. This business is very much about reliability (I don’t know about you but if I can’t get online or my laptop is not working you are sure to catch me in a bad mood!). So in choosing an IT company to provide the services we very much look for reliability and proven track record.

For those who have lived the lighting design profession without personal computers like me, we have come quite a long way. When I started the big main frame computers had just made their entry in our world of design, later followed by the little Hewlett Packard calculators. But still it was requiring huge amounts of paper plots to physically assess the lighting design and we had whole storage rooms full of drawings and documents. Now we are nearing the paperless age and the intelligent office.

A good IT network will do much more than only communications like email, internet, VOIP, etc. It is much about filing project information, file sharing within our own offices and between staff as well as with clients (FTP sites), making it easy to file and share information with quick and easy access. But there are also other functions such as calendar sharing/ meeting schedules and tele-conferencing. More and more we meetings take place virtually.

With all these facilities we also open ourselves up to potential cyber “attacks” so security in the form of firewalls and safety protocols need to be taken into consideration. Last but not least we have the possibility (and duty) to create auto back-ups of all our files and systems, nowadays an absolute must, as without actual paper files a computer crash may mean total loss of information!

13. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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