Singapore 3rd October 2010

Weekends are for relaxing (when we can) so what better way to go out for a nice massage. I like to get one later in the evening as I generally sleep well afterwards with a relaxed mind and body. Getting a massage, whether just a foot or a full body massage is a way of living in Asia. When appropriate it is even linked to business, a place you go to relax with a business relation or team members…let’s call it a bonding session. A different alternative to those who do not play golf … :). It allows us to unwind in a relaxed environment. With the mind more relaxed it is easier to get to know each other, discuss issues and find solutions.

In a way a massage is a great metaphor for our consultancy business as well. Invariably during one or more stages of our projects we land in stress situation and somehow we need to “massage” it away so we can be more relaxed afterwards. That is when we need to identify the cause and location of the stress and then apply some “massage” to it. To continue the analogy you need to know what you are doing and not further rub “salt” in the wound. Massaging is an art with skillful and gentle movements. In business it is called diplomacy and responsibility. While we have to own up to our responsibilities careful diplomacy (certainly in the context of different cultural backgrounds!) is needed to point out perceived shortcomings of the other party. Just trying to be right will still make you end up with some stiff muscles somewhere…if you massage well everyone is happy, the receiver because the stress is gone giving way for a good feeling, the giver because the receiver is grateful towards you, which will come back to you in some form or way.

I know in theory it sounds nice…applying it in real life is a different story, but at least acknowledging that we have a choice to massage “business stress” away is the first step. Last night for me was just a personal affair; we had a nice couples room to ourselves…and slept like babies afterwards. As I am sipping my morning coffee I feel relaxed and full of energy for the week ahead…

03. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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