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Singapore 6th October 2010

You may have noticed that I travel less these last few months. One of the reasons is that I am following a regular treatment for my back so I am disciplining myself to the cause of healing. Without good health all the rest means nothing, right? I am feeling much better and as part of the healing process I have started to swim a few times a week, whenever I can in one of the pools nearby. Tonight I went to do my laps but also enjoyed the fun part of walking back through the neighborhood at night while looking into peoples (illuminated) homes.  

As lighting designers we are trained to create lighting effects to harmonise with an interior or exterior design style. So it is interesting to see how people in general go about lighting in their home and I can tell there is quite some variety. First there are the people who can’t be bothered, naked bulbs or tubes on the ceiling, sometimes just one point in the center of the room! If that is not enough it often comes in cool white daylight. I must say the interiors are generally matching in “sobriety”. Glary light sources (with a lot of wasted spill light) are typical in these situations, specifically the ones mounted outside on the garden wall. Don’t people realize that they pay for electricity they actually don’t use?? They probably don’t and don’t care. The lights were so cheap in the first place that the glare and spill is accepted as a necessary evil.

But then there are also those who have clearly spend the time (and money) to make things nice and tasteful. Carefully selected interior design furniture and finishing (you can argue about style, but that is personal) and generally it comes hand in hand with relatively well matching lighting. Definitely a higher degree of sophistication! Somehow the colour of the light has moved from cool to warm and cosy with dedicated task and spot lights.

Somehow I got the impression that these more tasteful houses also have the cars to match…

06. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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