I-Light or Smart Light

Singapore 5th October 2010

The Marina Bay Smart Light festival to be held in Singapore from October 15th to November 7th now has a website called I-Light Marina Bay. It now appears the festival has been rebranded I-Light Marina Bay, just to create some confusion. The Smart Light Sydney organisers who are bringing the event to Singapore under Smart Light Singapore seemed to have faced some battles with the local authorities about naming, branding and probably ownership, which now have resulted in a new approach. I don’t know the whole story and there are probably two sides to the coin, but that aside the new website looks very promising and exciting. A lot of thought has obviously been put into it. See the link below.

I had another meeting today at Marina Bay to figure out the process of launching our artwork in the water, which is not as simple as you think as only authority authorized vehicles, boats and companies are allowed on or near the water. There are safety and security issues and would you believe it we can not just anchor our floating artwork platform without exact confirmation of the location as there are cables running at the bottom of the Bay and our anchors may rip them apart…auch!  So all that has to be carefully orchestrated. I must say, as I reported in a previous blog, the production company is doing a great job. The launch and subsequent towing of our platform (14mx14m!) to its location will be an event by itself.

Honestly I had no idea when I submitted our entry for the Festival earlier this year that it would require so much additional formalities and preparations. Actually I didn’t think much at all. It was just a creative idea, we created a artist rendering of the concept, added a descriptive of the intent behind the concept and off it went. It is only when we were selected that it started to dawn on us what we put ourselves up for. I have to thank Pascal a million times for making this financially possible! Without his sponsorship it would not have been possible and as always the government grants provided are a far cry of what it should have been. Fingers crossed for a great event!

è Latest link to the festival with location map, background info at: http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg

05. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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