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Singapore 2nd October 2010

How time flies! It is October already and the end of the year is just a whisker away. Is it just me or do you also have this feeling of time just slipping away? I guess in a way it is a good sign as we are so busy being busy that our days are filled with a 1001 little and big things in our lighting design work that we hardly notice another week has passed (what happened to the 40 hour work week??). Weekends therefore are important to take a step back, analyse the week past, learn and then put it away till Monday. Tomorrow is another day….

In my “review of the week” I looked at possible co-operations with other project consultants that popped up as opportunities. The proverbial one plus one is three much applies when you tie up with other consultants such as architects, interior designers or even graphic design consultants to provide a larger knowledge based design team to a client. Though we have no fixed tie ups we have our regular “friendly” consultants such as architects and interior designers with whom we go into projects together. Obviously the integration of the services provides the client with an enhanced level of comfort knowing that we know each other well and that the interdisciplinary coordination should be very efficient.  

If I look back on our past “associations” I can confidently say that they have nearly all come out of an initial successful project that we did together. Having worked successfully together on a project have shown our strengths and level of expertise giving each other confidence for a next collaboration. That confidence obviously rubs off on a new potential client.

This past week however I explored the opportunity of tying up with a local lighting design practice. It is impossible for us to have an office in each and every country we have a project so if the critical mass of projects is right a cooperation with a local company maybe an option. There are however many pro’s and con’s. Pro’s being obvious it is the con’s that need careful examination. Issues like reliability, confidentiality, company information, copy-right, future competition issues, etc, are just some of the things to consider. Anyhow, tomorrow is another day…time to enjoy my weekend!

02. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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