365 days!

Perth 28th October 2010

After 365 days without missing a beat I have finally completed my challenge of one year of daily blogging! When I embarked on this project exactly one year ago I had no idea whether I would manage to keep it up or whether I would be able to come up with the subjects for each blog. But somehow I really got the hang of it, letting me guide by every day happenings either in my own work as a lighting designer or by events in the world that I felt were related to our lighting world. In fact it has become some sort of addiction leaving me feeling incomplete if I haven’t done my blog for the day.

Some of you who have been regular followers over the past year may also have noticed the blog becoming longer and longer! What started with about 200 words per blog gradually grew to now close to 400 words per blog! It has also been a great way to review each day gone by, look back and see what worked or went right and what not in our world of light and lighting! I haven’t read all blogs back yet but over the course of the next couple of months I will start analyzing trends and happenings as reported in my blogs and collate them into some statistics and a presentation that I hope to share with you at the next PLDC in Madrid 2011. Let’s not forget it all started at last year’s PLDC in Berlin!


I end this blog with a picture that I feel sort of symbolically represents the past year. The good old incandescent lamp! Photographed on site just a few days ago. The light source that is poised to probably gradually disappear from our lives, a discussion topic that has filled many newspaper and magazine around the world as part of the “green” movement. Will LED lighting ever be able to replace it? The picture also represents simplicity. Despite all the sophistication that we bring into our lighting designs simple still does it. Lighting design is a balance…light and shadow…sophistication and simplicity.

I am taking a short (but well deserved) break, but will be back with “Season 2” in a couple of days. In the new format I intend to introduce pictures as part of my stories…talk soon!

28. October 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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