Paperless lighting design

Perth 19th September 2010

Weekends are always good times to reflect back, relax and dream away to the future, sipping a drink on a sunny terrace…I blogged about our dependency to the internet some days ago but really the way we are going is most probably towards a paperless world. Can lighting design be done without paper? I am an old school designer and like my pen and paper to sketch and draw but kids growing up in this modern world probably don’t even know anymore how to free hand sketch? They are so used to software programs that help them create the wildest images and ideas. For me, I still depend heavily on people who know how to operate computer programs such as Photoshop, AutoCAD or Dialux, to name a few. 

We have to go with the times, don’t we? So the printed drawing copies are gradually making way for the lectronic  versions, we hardly send “hard” copies anymore, but can we do with a paperless office? Let’see…

Conceptual design; we can do it all by computer, design, renderings, images, all put together into a powerpoint presentation for the client and the rest of the team. Distribution by email or by CD rom. Any one who wants a hard copy takes care of it themselves. Design development and technical documentation  the same thing. We can draw up all the plans, lighting details and specifications  by computer and distribute them to the project team. Where it gets a bit more difficult is the implementation on site. Contractors like to use drawings, which they paste on the walls for reference. But I can see that change in the near future with IPAD like devices making hard copy drawings soon a thing of the past. They will have their portable drawing “portals” , wireless of course, that will have the latest updates. At the commissioning stage the same devices will serve as references for compliance and in some cases be able to program the lighting straight from files.

So it is very likely the lighting design future will be paperless. With all project consultants possibly working with project dedicated laptops or IPAD systems all linked in through cyberspace. Whenever someone changes, updates or revises the design is instantly updated and everyone has the latest versions. There will be no excuses that we haven’t received the latest update! .

19. September 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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