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Singapore 21st September 2010

As one of the fringe activities to the F1 circus that has come to town this week (Singapore’s Formula 1 night race is on this coming weekend), the city is staging it’s first so called Digital Arts Festival. The leaflet about the event promises (and I quote)…” unique experiences of new media and arts at their best, artworks that read the pulse of the city and respond in sound, light and digital images. The artworks will breathe life into everyday objects and locations through video projection, LED lights, and computerized creations, giving alternative perceptions and shifting the borders between arts and technology”…It is said to be inspired by the Nuit Blanche, a flagship event in major European cities.

Having read all that I went out tonight to view this with my own eyes and to be blown away my these spectacular artworks. Let’s face it, which such colourful descriptions you would expect to be in awe and see something spectacular, right? As so often the beautiful pictures and words could not really match up with the reality. Not only were the artworks hard to find, there were only 11 in total, spread throughout the city. Not really a hart stopping emotional experience! I am a bit harsh, I know and truth be told, I only managed to see half of them, the others being too far away. But really I didn’t get it…

My point is that the brochure (and newspaper writre ups) had created quite a buzz, but it sort of fizzled out when experiencing the reality. Some of the digital artworks had some nice and creative elements, yes, but somehow it definitely did not live up to the hype. Some of the artists where heralded as being of world fame with international renowned stature. Our world today is spoiled by technology and intelligent luxury with nearly everything available at the fingertips of your computer. So to impress and wow audiences with eye catching innovative art it takes more than just displaying the art. It takes a total experience and approach.

That is why after seeing this I am highly optimistic about the upcoming Marina Bay Light Festival in which I am participating as an artist myself. But it is easy to criticize others, let’s see how our artworks will come out next month! I will let you know!

21. September 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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